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It was the kind of show that teens should be shown to show that they are not alone in the world nor are they alone in getting trouble.I have to say that the first season with Arthur and Stephanie was worth watching.Spinner, Jay, Jay's girlfriend Alex, and their friend Sean meet up and discuss the incident. Raditch, the principal, though Sean reminds him that if they tell him, he's going to want to know why Rick sprayed their cars. Both Jimmy and Rick detest his decision, and Rick tried to go to Mr. Rick is discouraged by this, but he and Jimmy soon start to get along.Jimmy even defends him when Spinner, Jay, and Alex tried to bully him.This bullying has been going on since Rick came back to Degrassi a year after putting his then-girlfriend Terri into a coma, with the students disapproving, and showing their disapproval by bullying him.Rick, however, has made friends with Toby and Emma, even developing a crush on her later.

While leaving the school still in shock, Emma runs up to him to hand him the trophy.The N aired public service announcements to warn of the episode's content.The episode starts out with best friends Spinner Mason and Jimmy Brooks bullying Rick, then throwing him into a dumpster.However, when Rick and Jimmy leave, Spinner and Jay talk about their prank they will put on Rick, Jay saying how Alex will set it up easily with no suspicion, since she is Student Council Vice-President.In the final round, Rick gets most of the answers correct and beats Northern, thus winning the game. However, while on stage, the prank including a bucket of yellow paint and feathers fall on Rick, and he is drenched with it.

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In the bathroom, Jimmy compliments Rick's intelligence and they talk.

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